Honnold Foundation

Below are a few pictures from the Ceibo Alliance partnership the Honnold Foundation is currently working on, and a few pictures from the Ecuadorian Amazon

The Amazon

We are excited to announce a multi-year commitment to the Amazon and the people who live within it, as a partnership with the Honnold Foundation.

The Honnold Foundation was started by Alex Honnold nearly a decade ago to provide solar energy to those who need it the most. At FTX Climate we don't believe uphill solutions will create the needed changes with the urgency we need them, so we were excited to hear Alex share a similar viewpoint when discussing his foundation in previous interviews. Specifically he described his experiences seeing that people everywhere want similar things, and how unreasonable it would be to expect them to make sacrifices that people in wealthy countries would never consider making.

When discussing their work with the foundation's directors Dory and Kate we were happy seeing the considerations that go into the selection and execution of their projects. The focus and respect for the communities they work with was extremely clear, so we are confident we can trust them in the execution of these projects.

Our $250,000 commitment is to provide:

$50,000 right away to help complete the funding for their Cebo Alliance program.

$100,000 in 2022 to fully fund an entirely new solar project in the Amazon.

$100,000 in 2023 to fully fund a second solar project in the Amazon.

Please check out the work that they have done by going to The Honnold Foundation and if you haven't seen it yet we suggest watching his movie Free Solo.

*Before anyone emails we can confirm that Sam will not be doing any free soloing of his own.