Research and Policy

One of the things we’ve loved seeing when starting FTX Climate is the number of smart and passionate people working in this space. There are tons of free resources to learn almost anything you want about the environment or climate change. When trying to decide where to start our program we would read headlines about the billions of dollars being poured into this space, but noticed many organisations that were limited by funding. We believe that the work these organisations are doing can lead to significant changes, much greater than if we had just spent the money on the issue directly.

Giving Green

We found it extremely easy to find information on current events and current issues in the climate change world, but we found it really hard to find convincing advice on the best way to help. We couldn’t find clear advice or convincing arguments on the most effective places for an average person to donate to, or even a medium sized foundation like ourselves. We couldn’t find the perfect GiveWell type organisation that would both recommend and convince us where to allocate money.

We’ve decided to support Giving Green with a $100,000 donation to help them grow into the solution for that problem. Giving Green was incubated by IDinsight and is a small team of motivated individuals who are trying to investigate and recommend the best thing for the environment you can do with your money. Sites like GiveWell have helped direct hundreds of millions of dollars to great places, we are excited to see Giving Green grow into that role for climate change.

Amount: $100,000
Status: Paid
Twitter: @GivingGreenE


CarbonPlan is a group of experts spanning from environmental science to law and policy. They helped companies like Stripe and Microsoft provide a public-facing review of their climate programs, they found 400 million dollars worth of over-crediting in California’s carbon offset program, and they have been releasing free information and tools to help people like us think like an expert on carbon related issues. We are excited to see the work they are doing and believe providing information to both policy makers and people like us can have massive influence. We recommend playing around with the tools on their site to get a feel for what they do:

We are also happy to see their dedication to providing the work they do for free to the public. These types of public goods are incredibly valuable and we are happy to do our part to help.

Amount: $200,000
Status: Paid
Twitter: @carbonplanorg

Good Food Institute

Although most of the discussion around climate change is focused on energy, food production contributes roughly 18% of total greenhouse gases yearly. It contributes to deforestation, significant amounts of methane being added to the atmosphere, and offers an overall challenge as the world grows in population and wealth. It also offers the very real possibility of creating antibiotic resistance which would have terrifying effects on modern medicine.

We think there is a lot of important work to be done in this area and believe GFI can play a part in large scale changes. GFI acts as a general hub to accelerate the adoption of animal alternatives through research, policy proposals, community initiatives, and advocating for fair competition through policy.

Food has intense personal and cultural connections and we are happy to see that GFI fights to improve the quality of options people have, not to advocate against the options people choose. If their work is successful meat alternatives will taste and be priced similar to current meat products so people will be able to freely choose which meals they will substitute animal products for, and which ones they won’t.

Amount: $250,000
Status: Paid
Twitter: @GoodFoodInst