Places to learn about Climate Change

If you are looking to learn more about climate related topics here are some resources we've enjoyed:

Carbon Brief

This is a great site for all topics and news about climate related topics. It has carbon in the name but they have sections on climate science, energy, and policy.


All major news outlets now have dedicated climate sections. These are generally well done and most have great graphics teams to make it enjoyable to check out even when you don't want to do a deep dive on topics.

Examples: NYT Climate, Washington Post Climate


How To Save The Planet is a great podcast for learning about climate related topics. Starting with this episode Is Your carbon Footprint BS? is a great example.

My Climate Journey is also great podcast to check out. The host is a climate focused VC who interviews a wide range of people, ignore the name as most episodes aren't actually about their climate journey.


This will depend on what you are interested in but a few good ones worth starting with:

Eat Like A Fish by Bren Smith

Short Circuiting Policy by Leah Stokes

One that hasn't come out yet but we are excited to read is Electrify Everything by Saul Griffith

A video that we had to include