Carbon Removal

The last 10 years have been nothing short of amazing for developments in renewable energy. Solar has gone from being multiples more expensive and hard to justify for any buyer who is worried about cost, to now often being the cheapest source of energy. Renewables have become so good that in many areas an already built coal plant will cost more to keep operating than it would to build a new renewable energy source.

These are the type of developments that excite us because it no longer requires sacrifice to make the choice that is better for the planet. That is the tipping point when large scale systemic solutions start to get implemented, and when the burden for justifying the choice flips from being on the environmental side to those who are against it.

One emerging area that we believe can play an important role in dealing with climate change is permanent carbon removal. In the same way we've spent the last 200 years extracting and releasing carbon from the ground, we believe the ability to capture and store it can play an important role in mitigating and hopefully reversing climate change. However no solutions exist at the moment to do this either at a globally relevant scale or at a feasible cost.

We are committing $1,000,000 to permanent carbon capture and storage.

We are currently still exploring the best options and discussing capacity with leading companies in this space, but we are committing one million dollars to this. At the moment permanent capture and storage is 50-100x more expensive than traditional carbon offsets, and often a few multiples more expensive than even the most aggressive carbon taxes. We expect dramatic changes in costs and capacity over the next 10 years and we want this million dollars to help play a role in making this a globally relevant solution.

If this area is interesting to you we highly recommend reading this free online CDR Primer

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