Partnership in The Bahamas

We are excited to announce our partnership with the Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Research Centre (CCARR) at the University of The Bahamas with a donation of $240,000 over the next two years.

This marks the first donation FTX Climate has made with a strong connection to the adaptation side of climate change. While optimistic that there are pathways for the worst case scenarios to be avoided, we recognise the need for adaptation that even the most optimistic scenarios will require.

Since launching FTX Digital Markets in The Bahamas the reality that faces those living in small island developing states (S.I.D.S.) has become clear to us, highlighted by the impact that hurricane Dorian has had on every Bahamian we meet. FTX Climate typically looks to research and policy organisations to influence the largest causes of climate change, however the unfortunate reality is that the worst polluters are often the most prepared and will be the least impacted. With this partnership we aim to assist those who will be the most impacted.

About the CCARR

We decided to start with the CCARR due to the outsized impacts we believe it can have on expectations of the average Bahamian in relation to climate policy and adaptation plans. We could build one hurricane shelter or install a few solar panels but at the moment it seems that the largest impact will come from the expectations and preparation of the Bahamian voters, and the collective impact this will have on current and future policy.

The CCARR was founded in 2019 at the University of The Bahamas and is led by its director Dr. Adelle Thomas. Through conversations with Dr. Thomas the great but challenging work being done by such a small team (sometimes only Dr. Thomas) became clear, and we were excited to help support the expansion with this donation. Between research, outreach, conferences, and education, it’s clear a team was needed so the intention of this gift is to allow Dr. Thomas to grow her team with full time and student members.

We are optimistic after hearing President Davis’ speech at the U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP26) in the fall and hope this donation will help the CCARR work with the people of The Bahamas to be prepared for the impacts of climate change.