FTX Climate

We are excited to announce the launch of FTX Climate!

The FTX Foundation is centered around our desire to live in a world where everyone has the same opportunities that we do. Unfortunately climate change poses a significant threat to that reality right now and in the future. We believe everyone has a reason to care about climate change and we are excited to do our part.

The core beliefs behind FTX Climate are:

1. Climate change will impact everyone, and we all have a reason to care about it.

2. Climate change will disproportionately impact the most vulnerable and those who have contributed to climate change the least, including countless future generations.

3. This is a solvable problem and the largest solutions won’t be achieved through individual sacrifice.

To start we think it is important to state that we aren’t claiming to be the foremost authorities on the environment or climate change. We are approaching this program with this in mind and are grateful for the advice from experts we have already received and hope to continue receiving. As new information arises, so will our strategies.

We are presented with the unique opportunity to have the resources to start a program like this, but without the constraints that normal companies have. We don’t have large manufacturing plants, massive global shipping emissions, a supply chain to review, or any of the standard internal steps that companies often start with. This gives us the ability to look outside ourselves and search for the most impactful actions we can take, regardless of region or method.

A theme that you will see with our program is that we want to keep the focus on the most impactful solutions possible. The changes that are needed are big and we won’t get there by arguing over what type of straw is in your iced coffee.

Our initial program consists of:

1. Meeting the claim that we will be carbon neutral this year

2. Funding research that we believe can have an outsized impact

3. Supporting carbon removal solutions to help accelerate their growth

4. Special projects

We plan to spend at least 1 million dollars per year through FTX Climate. We have spent $1,616,000 so far this year, with an additional $1,200,000 committed to longer term initiatives.

Current and Future Projects

Please use the links below to read more about what we have done and our thoughts on each project

FTX Climate Direction

Please click here to see a summary of our current plans for FTX Climate


Being Carbon Neutral

Click here to read about the $1,000,000 we've spent on carbon offsets

Carbon Neutral

Research and Policy

Click here to learn about the $550,000 we've spent in the research and policy space

Research and Policy

The Amazon

Click here to read about our $250,000, multi-year partnership with The Honnold Foundation to provide solar energy in the Amazon

Solar in the Amazon

Carbon Removal

Click here to learn more about our $1,000,000 commitment towards carbon removal and storage

Carbon Removal

Learn More about Climate

Click here to see a few of the resources we've enjoyed to learn about climate and the environment

Learn More

Important notes on FTX Climate

Please email us at climate@ftx.com

Today is just day 1! We are excited with the launch of our program but have many areas and ideas to investigate. If you have suggestions for us we would love to hear them!

Full details at https://ftx.com/foundation

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